Test Environments

When executing a .css.ts file, class name identifiers will be returned as expected, and if running in a browser-like environment, such as jsdom, then real styles will be injected into the document. However for vanilla-extract styles to work in a test environment, a transform needs to be applied to the code.

Currently, Jest and Vitest have official integrations. Please reach out in the Discord or Discussions for help with other setups.


Install the Jest transformer

npm install --save-dev @vanilla-extract/jest-transform

Add the transform to your Jest configuration.

{ "transform": { "\\.css\\.ts$": "@vanilla-extract/jest-transform" } }

Remove Style Mocking

It is very common in Jest setups to have a mock file returned for all .css files. This clashes with vanilla-extract as Jest can’t differentiate between .css and .css.ts imports.

For example:

{ "jest": { "moduleNameMapper": { // ❌ Breaks .css.ts imports "\\.css$": "<rootDir>/styleMock.js" } } }

Ideally, remove this mock from your setup. However, if you need to support both at the same time you’ll need a way to target your regular CSS files. Using a folder for all your CSS files, or giving your CSS files a custom extension will work.

{ "jest": { "moduleNameMapper": { "my-css-folder/.*\\.css$": "<rootDir>/styleMock.js", "\\.legacy\\.css$": "<rootDir>/styleMock.js" } } }


If you are already using vanilla-extract with Vite then no setup should be required as Vitest references your existing vite config file.

If using Vitest in other environments, install the @vanilla-extract/vite-plugin:

npm install --save-dev @vanilla-extract/vite-plugin

Add the plugin to your Vitest configuration.

import { defineConfig } from 'vitest/config'; import { vanillaExtractPlugin } from '@vanilla-extract/vite-plugin'; export default defineConfig({ plugins: [vanillaExtractPlugin()] });

Disabling Runtime Styles

While testing against actual styles is often desirable, it can be a major slowdown in your tests. If your tests don’t require styles to be available, importing disableRuntimeStyles will prevent all style creation.

import '@vanilla-extract/css/disableRuntimeStyles';